Document shredding at PostalMax, in Scottsdale, helps you with your business shredding needs. Your confidential records are quickly and effectively destroyed without interruption of your business operations. Shredding Scottsdale, at PostalMax, helps save you time and money and keep in compliance with Identity Theft laws.

Don’t risk your business! Destroy those documents with Shredding Scottsdale, at PostalMax.

Businesses should create a list of the types of documents that should be shredded on a regular basis:

  • Bank Statements
  • Unused Checks
  • Records from your Insurance Agency
  • Expired Contracts and Legal Documents
  • Outdated medical records
  • Credit Card Statements and Receipts
  • Customer Lists
  • Employee information
  • Proprietary Data

More than bits and pieces…We are your personal and small business solution for Secure Document Shredding & Destruction.

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