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Need to be fingerprinted for a license or as part of your employment? We can take your prints easily and cheaply. Our trained fingerprint technicians will obtain a set of prints that will meet the quality standards for licensing agencies such as the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We offer on-site service and walk-ins with scheduling.

What is a Fingerprint Clearance Card?

A person seeking employment, licensing, or admittance into a college, university or educational program may be required to apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card. A successful applicant will receive a small laminated card verifying that a person is capable of gaining legal employment based on his criminal background or absence thereof. Employers use the fingerprint clearance card as a means of establishing a potential or current employee’s background. Even though fingerprints do not change, a new set must be submitted to the Licensing Unit every time you renew a license to ensure no criminal activity has occurred since the last license was issued. For more information concerning the Fingerprint Clearance Card process in Arizona see the Department of Public Safety, State of Arizona.

The following jobs or activities may require a fingerprint clearance card.

 AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card

  • FBI Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Child day care
  • Child care home provider
  • Child welfare and adolescent behavioral health treatment
  • Employment at Child Protective Services
  • Non-CPS employment at the Department of Economic Security
  • Work with individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Work at a domestic violence shelter
  • Employment at a residential or nursing care institution
  • Level 1 IVP FingerPrint Card
  • Work at a homeless shelter
  • Employment at a residential or nursing care institution
  • Employment at a home health agency
  • Arizona Teacher Certification
  • Level 1 Arizona Fingerprint Card
  • Charter school employment
  • Work in the JOBS program
  • Department of Economic Security adoption
  • Department of Economic Security foster home licensure
  • We supply the FBI FD-258 Fingerprint Card