Scottsdale Fax Service

We are here to help you send and receive faxes – easily and affordable.

Our staff will help you send, receive and manage your faxes with the utmost security, convenience and professionalism.

Whether it’s a business need or a personal one, we are your Scottsdale fax solution.

Our pricing is straightforward, our staff is helpful and supportive and we are the most convenient, located at Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 in the Target – Albertsons center in the Scottsdale AirPark.

Faxing features

  • Send or Receive Faxes
  • So convenient – no need to buy your own equipment or ink/toner
  • Low rates/flat per page rates
  • Domestic and international
  • Easy self service and full service options

Fax Pricing

  • Incoming Faxes – $1.85 per page
  • Domestic Local or Long Distance – $1.85 per page
  • International – $5 a page (may be higher for some countries)

Helpful Hint: Use a Cover Page
Cover pages tend to help get your Fax delivered quicker, especially in large companies!
Your fax number is 480-860-4388

Be sure to have the sender send a cover sheet with your fax so we will know who the fax is for!
We can fax in any language!